Staging Europe’s most Authentic Historic Hotels

The Historic Hotels of Europe is the most prestigious hotel network in Europe representing almost 500 of some of the finest hotels around the globe in beautiful castles, palaces, abbeys and estates that offer their guests authentic high quality experience under one name of quality. The idea behind the awards is twofold, firstly it is an opportunity to reward the outstanding effort staff at all the member hotels put in to ensure their guests are happy. Secondly, it is a celebration of the commitment all our members have made, one to keeping the traditions enshrined within their establishments alive and secondly to celebrate the never ending desire for excellency. The 500 members of the Historic Hotels of Europe are so diverse in both location, history and type so much so that having one common measure would be unfair to all.


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  • Best Castle Historic Hotel

  • Best Countryside Historic Hotel

  • Best Historic Hotel Spa Award

  • Best Adventure and Activities Historic Hotel

  • Most Romantic Historic Hotel

  • Best Customer Care Historic Hotel

  • Historic Hotel Best Restaurant

  • Best City Historic Hotel

  • Best Historic Hotel New Member Award

  • Best Historic Hotel with “A Story to Tell”

As you can see from the above categories we have wide variety of luxury establishments in our portfolio, each unique in its own right. There is a sense of pride in belonging to the association because it introduces a healthy dose of competition. Winning an award is the icing on the cake for a customer focused industry like the hotels industry and every hotel is focused on winning. Lest we forget these awards are not about us or our members, but about you, the guests. We may claim to be the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world but we would prefer to hear it from you our satisfied guests. Help us celebrate our commitment to you by choosing the best hotel in each of the 10 categories below. This is truly a people’s award and we look forward to crowning the 10 best of the best hotels for 2016. Choose your best hotel and help us crown Historic Hotels of Europe champions 2016.

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